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Well Hello

A little bit about myself as told by my friends and family

Some people know him as Kyle, we know him as Nancy, MGK-Machine Gun Kyle and ET.  Kyle is the Nanciest Nancy to ever Nancy — if you know, you know. Whether you just met Kyle or have known him for years, he’s everyone’s best friend!  One of the easiest people to tempt with a good time. So easy going he’s bleached the tips of his hair. Not afraid to go out and bruise some lungs on his snowboard. Kyle is also the guy you call when you feel like drinking 10 beers at 10am on a Tuesday.  The type of guy you take on every trip. Kyle is the guy you call when you are feeling up for an adventure. He never says no to getting outdoors and seeking new experiences.  He is the first person with his bags packed; ready to pick you up before the sun has risen for a party on the mountain. By your side all day for the "free refills" capturing all the action. 


His passion and overall vibe is easily seen through all of his photographs and videos: bright and full of life. Kyle has the innate ability to blend candid and staged moments in your life. Kyle understands what makes a moment "special", and has the rare ability to remove himself from that moment. Rain or shine, Kyle finds the fun in every drop and every sunburn. Watching his videos makes you feel like you’ve been dropped right in the middle of it too! He is at his happiest when he is capturing others Joy.  A creative and free thinker, he sees the realness in people. Kyle has inspired me to step out of my boundaries and love life. He is so easy to work with and you truly will not get a better product from anyone else. 12/10 recommend! 


If you’re lucky enough to call yourself his friend; you’ll know that Kyle is kind, passionate, caring, and always puts others first. If you look through any of his social media platforms, you’ll see a whole lot of pictures of all of his friends and very few of himself. Proving that he’s always there to capture the moments for others- and he does a damn good job of it! TGN_Productions is the brainchild of a guy who just wants to capture life’s most beautiful moments and turn them into memories. 


If you're planning on having your wedding be a party, be prepared for Kyle to bring the Pedialyte. They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die, well Kyle is already going to have an incredible movie to watch with the lifetime of memories he has created so far.



Kyle Moeller - Your Tour Guide to Awesome - The Narrator to your next adventure.


He’s an average Dart Player.


Kyle doesn’t suck

Holy S*** I can't stop watching it! You are so talented. This is beyond what I ever could have wanted. Thank you!"

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